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Haicheng folk stilts Yangko Art Troupe is a big drum stilts, is a southern Liaoning stilts, is a popular folk dance, after more than 300 years of continuous evolution, has formed a dance, acrobatics, music, drama in one folk art.

1, historical origin

Haicheng is the birthplace of stilts in southern Liaoning. The earliest written records of stilts in Haicheng Yangko can be found in Haicheng County Chronicle published in the reign of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty: "In the twelfth year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty (1673), there were stilts and boats dancing along the street in Sanyi Temple of Niuzhuang ancient town." In the early Qing Dynasty, the maritime trade in the Northeast was mainly concentrated in the coastal waters of southern Liaoning, and then Niuzhuang, an ancient town in Haicheng, became the distribution center of materials inside and outside the Guan Dynasty and the earliest water commercial port in eastern Liaoning.

Chief execute

Brief introduction of the head of the regiment:

Artist and leader: Xing Chuanpei: Male, born in 1956, member of the Communist Party of China, deputy research librarian, invited director of CCTV, Anshan city artist, deputy chairman of Anshan Civil Society, 2009-2010, Haicheng spiritual civilization marker, member of the Seventh Haicheng CPPCC, secretary-general of Haicheng Qiao Association, vice-chairman of Haicheng Civil Association, The first national intangible cultural heritage project representative successor (Haicheng stilt Yangko).


Artist and Director-in-Chief: Yang Min, female, born in 1955, Party member of the Communist Party of China, librarian, chairman of Haicheng Stilt Association, associate director of Anshan citizens, folk cultural exchanges, Haicheng stilt program.


Leader: Xing Chuanpei

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Address: Haicheng folk stilt Yangko art troupe of Haicheng, Anshan

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